Nestlé Waters’ Journey Toward Zero Waste


Adopting a zero-waste mindset in business can pave the way for both environmental and financial wins. But creating a program that balances sustainability and consumer satisfaction takes commitment.

At Nestlé Waters North America, our business is based on the concept of creating shared value to help address pressing social challenges through our work. Since 1976, we have been making it easier for people to drink water more often and while on the go. Trends point to people’s desire for healthy alternatives to caloric, sweetened drinks, and to the health benefits of drinking more water.

We have also evolved and learned over time that we need to continuously improve our environmental performance both within our four walls and beyond. In 2007, we got the message from stakeholders, we received an ‘F’ on an As You Sow U.S. Beverage Container Recycling Scorecard. It made us question our footprint and, at the time, we didn’t know what our footprint exactly was.

We got to work and enlisted Quantis International to conduct a Life Cycle Analysis, which can be found here. The LCA told us that tap water has the lightest footprint of all beverages examined in the study, and that bottled water is the best packaged beverage option for the environment. Beverages represent less than 1% of a person’s footprint and bottled water represents 0.1% of a consumer’s footprint, according to the study. Consumers can further reduce the overall environmental impact of our bottled water by recycling the bottle after using it.

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